Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Humanitaria : One Planet, One People

Humanitaria : One Planet ("Love it or leave it ?")
United-Living-Beings :: Abundant-Earth-Cooperative :: Humanitaria

Seres-Vivos-Unidos :: Coopertiva-Tierra-Abundante :: Humanitaria

Humanitaria'n Initial Projects:

1) Declaration of Motive and Intention
2) Statement of Consensus
3) Constitution in Principle
4) Constitution in Practice
5) OMish: the Official Language of Humanitaria
6) Anthem: “ !OM! - my - GOD ! “ ;-)

1) Declaration of Motive and Intention

We the People of Planet Earth have become conscious of our failure to live a sustainable life of peace and harmony amongst ourselves, our fellow living beings, and the planetary environment on which we all depend.

We believe that our societies and our planet are rapidly approaching a point of fatal degradation; that previous and current efforts to prevent this are woefully inadequate; and thus it is our individual and collective responsibility to immediately pause from our non-essential activities, and to seriously, compassionately, and effectively face this reality.

We pledge our commitment to a peaceful, respectful, and diligent process of cooperative effort to achieve a lasting solution.
We will resist any internal or external forces, ego, pride or prejudice that would distract or deter us from this goal.
We will welcome the assistance of our fellow humans and all other good beings who may come to help us.
We recognize that there are powerful opponents, but we resolve to not confront them as enemies, not be drawn into their ways, but rather to focus on our common positive goal and trust in the protection of our allies.

We recognize that the belief in our vulnerability to lack, the perceived threat that we will be deprived of what we need -- amplified by our consequent fear -- is the root of our historical aggressiveness and destructiveness.
We therefore commit to simplify our lives, to reduce perceived needs, to be ready and willing to share and sacrifice fairly.
We resolve to trust that we, our fellows, our planet, and our universe shall provide for all, just what we need for happiness.
We affirm the power of good in ourselves, in and beyond this world, to overcome whatever obstacles we encounter.
We look forward in full consciousness to a creative, abundant and peaceful life on this restored and lovely planet.

2) Statement of Consensus (on Objectives, Basic Principles of Method and Process)

[rough draft]
Principles of Method:
0) Simplicity (in the spiritual as well as practical senses)
1) the Power of Pure Intention
2) Cooperative Groups, not Rigid Hierarchies
3) regular/habitual individual/group practices to avoid distraction from goal
(ie, to become and remain Awake/Conscious, 'at ease'/not fearful...)
4) skills for patient and respectful consensus-building (& conflict-resolution)
5) commitment to balance of unity and diversity
6) "think global, act local"

[... etc etc TBD ...]

3) Constitution in Principle

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