Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OMish : A Proposed Planetary Language

United-Living-Beings :: Abundant-Earth-Cooperative :: Humanitaria
Seres-Vivos-Unidos :: Coopertiva-Tierra-Abundante :: Humanitaria
OMish : The Common Human Language : Official Language of Humanitaria

Design Goals:
1) Utility
2) Simplicity
3) Beauty

1) 3-Concentric-Sphered organization-partitioning (vocabulary & grammar-syntax):
[1] Core / Basic
[2] Typical / Common
[3] Elaborate / Specialty(s)
[4] (? Extreme-Specialties as 'moons' ?)

2) Congruent multi-modal representations
[0] vocabulary/semantics=1 set of concepts & relations; various modes of expression:
[1] vocal-audible (speech)
[2] manual-visible (hand-signing)
[3] iconic-visible (ideographic-symbolic-script / writing-reading)
[4] tactile (braille-analogous) [coordinate with [3]?]
[5] digital (for efficient computer-storage/processing)

3) Optimized for easy (and automated) comprehension and expression (+computer/AI usage)
[1] phonemes/gestures/icons sets chosen for ease of recognition & production
[2] vocab/syntax biased so that most-frequently-used = most-succinctly-represented
[3] simple gramar representable/parsable by uncomplicated computer software
[4] 1:1 concept:vocabulary mapping (no homonymns/synonyms in the Core&Typical)
[5] minimized semantic ambiguity (prohibited in the Core ?&Typical?)
[6] non-essential emotional/feeling expressive modals (prohibited in the Core)
[7a] ?Core subset conformed to math/logic system(s) (eg: 1st-order predicate logic)?
[7b] ?Core subset fit for basis of a universal 'computational (programming) language'?

4) Lovely, meaningful components and fibonnaci/fractal/hologramatic relations/structure
[1] pleasing to the ear and eye
[2] resonant to deep harmonic/rhythmic pleasure centers of psyche
[3] facilitating-inspiring poetic/artistic/musical expression
[4] congruent with primal/ancient spiritual/religious archetypes/symbolisms
[5] semantics/metaphor biased to 'positive good', best-of-tradition moral/ethical attitudes
[6] initial basic,elemental set of wisdom-aphorisms within the Typical sphere

Strategy to Promote OMish:
1) Design it with a compelling utility and ease that motivates universal consensual adoption
2) Set the Core content to provide the minimal essential cross-cultural business functionality
3) Advocate separate native-natural-language retention to satisfy ongoing tribal/cultural preferences
4) Harness contemporary 'world-cultural' trends/mechanisms/organizations to propagate it rapidly
5) Secure enthusiast funding of uncopyrighted translations of old (and authorship of new) works.
6) Provide an internet-based 'wiki-OMish' to coordinate publishing of and standardized-evolution of it.
7) Pray for Peace
! OM !

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